Yul Edochie Blows Hot Over Igbo Accent

Yul Edochie, a well-known Nigerian actor and politician, recently took to social media to chastise those who ridicule the ‘Igbo accent.’ He argued that while people from other parts of the world are not mocked by Nigerians for their accents, when “An Igbo Brother” speaks, it is called “Igbotic.” “The Chinese man speaks English with […]

Yul Edochie Disagrees With His Father

Yul Edochie, a successful Nollywood actor, has finally responded to his father’s fascinating views on marriage and how long it can last.   His dad, Pete Edochie, recently made headlines after speaking in a series of videos about marriages in his own time and how marriages can be helped to last these days. If a […]

Yul Edochie Throws Shades At ka3na Over Tattoo Drama

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has stepped in on the trending tattoo drama between Ka3na and her fan who inked her name on her thigh. Yul on Twitter, said that any celebrities whose fan tattoo his or her face on their body should admire rather than ridicule the fan. He also revealed that some fans don’t […]

Yul Edochie Reveals He Doesn’t Respond To Insults

Yul Edochie, a Nigerian star, sent a message to his haters and those who threaten him on social media about why he doesn’t respond to them. Yul Edochie took a lovely picture of his adorable wife and children on his Instagram page and according to him, he doesn’t have time to respond to insults and […]

Yul Edochie Sends Amazing Advice To All

In a fresh Twitter post, Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has shared a profound message that will be of tremendous value to us if we assimilate it. Edochie observed that the relentless bickering, envy, greed and other negative impulses that have shrouded every corner of the globe should make way for love and peace because, in […]

Yul Edochie Wants Youths To Support him Like Laycon

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has beckoned on Nigerians to give him as much support as that they give to Big Brother Naija (BBN) housemates.   You would recall that the last edition of the BBN saw Laycon emerge as the winner getting over 60% of the final vote, with the organisers stating that they received […]