WWE: All You Need To Know About Last Night RAW Matches

WWE RAW had several matches and segments scheduled for this week’s show. This week’s edition RAW opened up with a video package for Memorial Day before going live from the Thunderdome Charlotte Flair came out and started talking about Rhea Ripley and the WWE RAW Women’s Championship before Ripley walked out and joined them. Charlotte […]

Here Are The Results, Match Contenders For 2021 WWE Wrestlemania

WWE stars put in an incredible show in what was rated as a Match of the Year fight. Fighters, Roman Reigns and Cesaro have clashed in a major encounter staged by the WWE WrestleMania on Sunday. The Roman Reigns and Cesaro match was action-packed and Cesaro frustrated his opponent early with some slick wrestling tricks, […]

WWE Release Names Of Stars Who Can’t Use Their Stage Names Elsewhere

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. ,WWE, has released a list of former WWE Superstars who can’t use their names after their release. After WrestleMania, the company releases a few superstars every year, and there are always a few names on the list that let fans scratch their heads. This year’s exit was no different, and the […]

38 year Old Nigerian Quits Football For Wrestling

A professional footballer known as Adebayo Akinfenwa has decided to quite playing football for becoming a wrestler.   The player was currently plays for EFL side Wycombe Wanderer is 38 year old, however, says he wouldn’t mind fighting wrestling for money right now.   According to reports, he is already in talks with World Wrestling […]

WWE: Matt Hardy Might Be Dead As He Smashes Head On Concrete (Video)

The entire World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE, is in great shock following the sad incident that happened during a match between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara.   What really happened?   The legendary wrestler, Matt Hardy is feared dead as he slammed his head again a concrete.   According to Sunsport, the match which was an […]