After Seeing The Disastrous First Month Of Biden, I May Rerun For US President In 2024 – Donald Trump

Despite the humiliation faced after the refent US Election, the former American president, Donald Trump Says he may rerun for US President In 2024   According to reports, Trump told Conservatives he was considering rerunning for president again in 2024, as he reasserted dominance over the Republican Party.   In an address, Trump teased his […]

Inauguration: See Photo Of Former US President Caught Sleeping

It has been a mixture of laughter and joking-around for so many US citizens as a picture of one of their former president dozing during the presidential inauguration surfaces online.   Who was this former president?   Reports has it that, the former president caught on camera was the renown Bill Clinton.   The former […]

Clinton Calls For Scrapping Of Electoral College

The former U.S. First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, on Monday renewed her call for the abolition of the country’s Electoral College. She made the call in a tweet shortly after voting as an elector alongside her husband and former President Bill Clinton in New York. “I believe we should abolish the Electoral […]

US Election: US Justice Department Kicks Trump’s Allegation Out

Nevertheless the intentional and unconscious efforts of the incumbent president of United States of America, USA, Donald Trump to ascertain that Joe Biden does not become the president of US, all odds seem to be against him. According to reports, the US justice department just gave Donald Trump a big blow about his allegation that […]

Kamala Picks Chief of Staff Ahead of January, See Who She Picked

For all it may seem, Donald Trump  will have to leave office in January as the President elect and vice-president elect are already warming up for resumption in January.   Recall that, Joe Biden has started selecting those that will man different key positions in his administration.   According to reports, Kamala Harris has taken an […]

Prove That Your Victory Was Not Fraudulent – Donald Trump Tells Joe Biden

The battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is obviously just starting as the incumbent president goes back on his words about conceding that he lost the presidential election in US.   Recently raising another dust, Donald Trump Sternly called on his counterpart, Joe Biden to prove his victory was legitimate.   According to him, […]

Appeal Court In Pennsylvania Goes Against Joe Biden, Trump Rejoice

The fans and followers of Donald Trump has got something big to celebrate as the court of appeal in Pennsylvania did the unexpected.   According to reports, the court went against Joe Biden by stopping the official certification of election results.   This is coming after Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania said the department of […]

Trump Finally Concedes, Set For Biden Transition

The General Services Administration acknowledged Democrat Joe Biden as the apparent winner of the presidential election on Monday, following weeks of inaction, and President Donald Trump called on his agencies to cooperate, Bloomberg reports. “I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my […]

See One Thing Trump Wants To Do That Is Getting The World Talking Again

Despite the fact that the citizens of United States have collectively called on Donald Trump to be fair in his government the nation, the president seem to be doing the unbelievable again.   According to reports, Trump is about to break the bound between citizens and US with his recent steps.   Trump is reportedly […]

US Election: Joe Biden Might Not Be The Winner Anymore As Trump’s Lawyer Reveals This 

The Presidential Election in the US has come and gone to so many people in the world, however, to the citizens of the nation, it has just started as revelations keeps dropping. Recently insisting that the US Election will be overturned soon, Donald Trump’s Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani said the votes gotten by Joe Biden are […]