Capitol Attack: 35 Republicans Defy Trump

Thirty-five Republicans have defied their party leaders and former President Donald Trump in siding with Democrats by 252-175 to establish the inquiry. The BBC reports that Trump had urged Republicans to vote against the “Democrat trap”. The bill looks unlikely to pass the upper chamber; top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell, called it “slanted”. The inquiry […]

Trump Set To Return To Politics

Donald Trump returns to the political stage Sunday, determined to reassert his dominance over a Republican Party that is out of power and pondering whether the flawed former president can win again in 2024. The 74-year-old addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando in a highly-anticipated keynote speech during which he is expected to […]

Trump Becomes First US President Impeached Twice

Just seven days to the inauguration of a new administration, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, was impeached on Wednesday. With the development, Trump becomes the first US president to be impeached twice. The House of Representatives voted on Wednesday after a debate on the article of impeachment read by the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. […]

Republican Senators Make Last-ditch Effort To Prevent Biden’s Confirmation

A group of Republican senators led by veteran lawmaker Ted Cruz said Saturday they will challenge Joe Biden’s election win — the latest last-ditch move to support Donald Trump’s efforts to undermine the vote. The initiative, which appears certain to fail, flies in the face of rulings in dozens of courts and the findings by […]

Trump Finally Signs $900bn COVID-19 Relief Package Bill

After delaying for nearly a week and under pressure from all sides, US President Donald Trump finally signed a massive $900 billion stimulus bill Sunday, in a long-sought boost for millions of Americans and businesses battered by the coronavirus pandemic. The package “providing coronavirus emergency response and relief” is part of a larger spending bill […]

T.B Joshua Declares The Winner Of U.S Election

General overseer of the Synagogue of All Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua, has declared that President Donald Trump will not be the winner in the U.S presidential election. T.B. Joshua in a new video posted on his page declared that there will be a new president in the white house. The US presidential election is set […]