Enough is Enough: Twitter Users Rant

Nigerians using social media have taken to twitter to express anger over the excessive taxation of small businesses by the government in Nigeria. Many expressed anger with the Hashtags ‘Enough is enough’ on Tax matters on Saturday via twitter. Speaking on the issue, twitter user identified as @Wealthy_yute wrote, “Really regret being a Nigerian sometimes…I […]

Kate Henshaw Dazzles in Birthday Photos, Clocks 49

Popular Nollywood Actress and Star, Kate Henshaw looks beautiful in new photos to mark her 49 birthday. The Actress took to instagram on Sunday Evening to celebrate herself, she wrote, “It’s still my birthday”. The post has attracted thousands of likes, congratulatory wishes and comments. The celebrant’s photographer, Busola Dakolo, has long taken to instagram […]

Africa: Home to Native Wears

Africa is known for many things, but most outstanding is its fabrics, Ankara dresses and native outfits. This native wears come in different patterns, prints and can be tailored in different styles to suit the needs of the dresser. This may have resulted in a lot of styles originating from the Africa dressing market. However, […]

Amalgamation: Nigeria’s biggest problem?

Nigeria hasn’t always been one country. In fact until Flora Shaw, there wasn’t a “Nigeria” but I will get to that later. After the British conquest, Nigeria was divided into colonies with Lord Frederick Lugard as the governor of both the Northern Protectorate and the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria. On the 1st of January 1914, […]