Business Books: Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates Recommends 3

Readers believe that having insight in books would give one a handle on the power to effectively utilize the ideas contained. Likewise, reading a book endorsed by the wealthiest people living, could make you think like them, because you now share the same level of thinking, thought process, and access to information. Considering the books read […]

Jeff Bezos Reacts To Ex-wife Remarrying

MacKenzie Scott, Jeff Bezos‘ ex-wife, has found love again after divorcing the Amazon CEO in 2019 after 25 years of marriage. She is now married to Dan Jewett, a science teacher at Seattle Lakeside School, where her two children, who she shares with Bezos, are enrolled. The $38,000-per-year private school where Jewett teaches and his […]

Elon Musk Becomes World’s Richest Man After, Gaining $10 Billion In A Day

Elon Musk has taken back the world’s richest man title, after he gain of $9.81 billion on Wednesday, February 24. His company share gain 6.18% which surged back to $190 billion, there by making the market value of Tesla at $712 billion coupled with the SpaceX he founded completing another funding round, according to Bloomberg […]

Jeff Bezos Becomes World’s Richest Against Elon Musk

Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has become the world’s richest person as against Elon Musk who reigned six-week ago. Musk is reported to have lost about $4.5 billion on Tuesday after Tesla (TSLA) shares fell 2.4%, this took him to second place on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index ranking. The owner of Amazon also felt […]

Elon Musk Beats Bill Gate, Becomes 2nd Most Richest Man In The World

Nevertheless the unimaginable challenges the entire world faced this year, some figures around the world still recorded a huge rise in their net worth which shuffled the list of most – wealthy people in the world.   In a report made public by Bloomberg recently, Elon Musk has now walked his way up the number […]

Jeff Bezos Makes More History

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos has become the first individual in history to hit $202 billion total assets. The American tycoon broke the riches barrier on Wednesday as portions of his online shopping business, kept soaring because of the ceaseless interest for web-based shopping. His Seattle organisation’s stock kept on flooding higher on Wednesday pushing Bezos’ […]