United States Set To Distribute Covid 19 Vaccines

The United States plans to distribute 6.4 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid 19 vaccine in the first week after it is cleared for emergency use, which is likely next month, officials said on Tuesday. A committee of the Food and Drug Administration meets on December 10 to decide whether to green-light the medicine, with […]

British Prime Minister Announce Ease Of Lockdown Dec 2nd

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has announced plans for strict regional measures to combat COVID-19 after England’s lockdown ends Dec. 2, sparking a rebellion by members of his own party who said the move may do more harm than good. Johnson’s office said late Saturday that the government plans to return to a three-tiered system […]

England Set To Deliver Covid-19 Vaccine 

Discussion on the immediate delivery of Covid-19 Vaccine has been ongoing in England. According to the National Health Service, NHS, the nation is developing over 200 vaccines and it is believed that one will work. “We’re also gearing the NHS up to be ready to make a start on administering Covid-19 vaccines before Christmas, if […]

UK To Deliberately Infect People With Covid-19

In order to confirm the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccine, the United Kingdom, UK, is attempting to deliberately infect people with Covid-19. The people to be infected are 90 health citizens of UK who will be used to carry out vaccine trail in January 2021. According to reports, the government of UK is intending to put […]

Woman Caught Selling Bleach As Covid-19 Cure, Accuses Trump As The Cause

The President of USA, Donald Trump has been dragged into another mess as a vendor selling bleach as Covid-19 Cure is caught.   According to BBC, the vendor who is London based had been selling the product since the hit of the Virus.   Furthering the investigation by the British Media, two sellers were recorded […]

Good News Oxford Continue Covid 19 Clinical Trial

Clinical trials of one of the most advanced experimental Covid-19 vaccines resumed Saturday after a brief safety pause, as infection numbers continued to march upward in countries across the globe. The world’s hopes for a reprieve from the pandemic were dealt a blow earlier in the week when pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and Oxford University announced […]

Covid-19 Vaccine Shows Signs Of Failure In UK, Trail Paused

Just as the entire world is jubilating over the numerous Covid-19 Vaccine waiting approval for immediately dispersal for usage, the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University has shown signs of failure.   According to reports, a participant of the final clinical trial for the vaccine fell ill in UK.   Consequently, the clinical trial […]

German Institute To Produce Covid-19 Vaccine Early Next Year

The head of the Paul Ehrlich Institute Klaus Cichutek has revealed groups of people living in Germany might be getting a vaccine early next year. With over a dozen researchers around the world currently searching for a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus, Cichutek told the Funke group of newspapers that data from Phase I and […]

Russia Covid-19 Vaccine to Circulate January 2021

Following the news of the discovery of a solution to Covid-19 virus by the Gamaleya Research Center in Russia, the website of the State Register of Pharmaceuticals has said the COVID-19 vaccine will be in circulation January 2021. The website stated on Tuesday that the vaccine will not be available for public use until 1 […]