Capitol Attack: Trump Sued Under KKK Act

A senior Democratic congressman sued former President Donald Trump Monday, accusing him of violating the 19th century “Ku Klux Klan Act” by supporting the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. Bennie Thompson accused Trump, his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and extremist groups the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers of violating the 1871 act by supporting […]

Democrats To Detail Impeachment Case Against Trump

Democratic lawmakers prosecuting Donald Trump are set to detail their case against him Wednesday, in a longshot bid to convince sceptical Republican senators they should impeach the former president. Trump’s second impeachment trial opened Tuesday with Democrats showing harrowing video footage of his supporters’ January 6 assault on the US Capitol, where they smashed down […]

Prosecturs Vow To Win Trump Impeachment Trial With Facts

The historic second impeachment trial of Donald Trump opened in the US Senate on Tuesday, with prosecutors vowing to win a conviction based on the “cold, hard facts” of the January storming of the US Capitol. Kicking off with days of argument on whether Trump incited insurrection on January 6 — the trial charges into […]

Gunman Arrested At Washington Security Checkpoint

A man with a loaded handgun and more than 500 rounds of ammunition has been arrested in Washington at a security checkpoint near the US Capitol, authorities said. Wesley Allen Beeler, of Virginia, had driven to a checkpoint on Friday evening and tried to use a phoney credential to access the restricted area where President-elect […]

Mounting Security Threats Force Washington To Shutdown

The center of Washington was on lockdown Thursday as more than 20,000 armed National Guard troops were being mobilized due to security concerns ahead of the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden. Washington Police Chief Robert Contee said the US capital was facing “a major security threat”, one week after supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump […]

Schwarzeneggar Passes Damning Verdict On Donald Trump

American actor and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has declared Donald Trump the “worst president ever” as he compared the Capitol riots to the Night of Broken Glass. On Sunday, the Terminator star released a scathing video slamming Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol on January 6, in an attempt to disrupt Congress […]

Democrats Threaten Trump With Second Impeachment Effort

US Democrats on Saturday were readying for an unprecedented second impeachment of Donald Trump as the defiant president showed no signs of stepping down after the deadly violence at the Capitol. Democrats said impeachment proceedings could begin as early as Monday, an extraordinary acceleration of a process that historically has taken weeks, but one that […]

US Celebrities Demand Trump’s Impeachment

American celebrities have taken to their social media platform to call for the impeachment of the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, over the violent siege of the Capitol by the president’s supporters. The riot was incited by comments made by Trump at a rally earlier that day. The invasion disrupted a […]

Pelosi Calls For Trump’s Removal

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has urged Vice-President Mike Pence to immediately invoke the 25th Amendment to “unseat” incumbent President Donald Trump. “In the next 13 days, this dangerous man can do further assault on our democracy,” Pelosi told reporters at a briefing on Thursda. “We are in a very dangerous place as long as […]