Peruzzi's Former Boss Slams Him For Being Ungrateful

Peruzzi’s Former Boss Slams Him For Being Ungrateful

Patrick Anyaene, Peruzzi’s former record label boss, has blasted him on Twitter after his latest interview.

Peruzzi, who is now signed to DMW, addressed his contentious problem with his former record label boss in a recent interview with Nacy Isime.

Peruzzi detailed how his former record label treated him unfairly and jailed him before he joined DMW.

Patrick reacted to the interview by posting video of it on Twitter and slamming Peruzzi for being a jerk.

The record label boss also admitted that he stayed silent about the case because Peruzzi’s lawyers pleaded with him not to mention it on social media until the court case was concluded.

He tweeted;

“Hey @Peruzzi_VIBES. OK I have kept quiet for a minute because ur lawyers begged I stopped social media until after the court case. I arrested u and you cried as usual, I have so much to leak but the contract is enough. you’re Clown for real Clown faceClown face.

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Actually don’t have energy for you right now @Peruzzi_VIBES. You blew from my chicken change, do you think I am still chasing chicken change Face with tears of joy. You will always be below me, keep chasing your chicken change fam. I get poultry.

Find attached your contract. I think you lost yours boy Boy. Since I have decided to drop the case because I realised you’re actually very broke and own nothing. Let me drop the contract for all to see. I won’t say anything more to say about you. Las Las where ur career dey?”

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