In a post shared via his Instagram live page on Monday, September 5, 2020, the music star said ending SARS is not the problem.

According to him, there are just a few bad eggs in the police force which is not enough for Nigerians to clamour for their disbandment.

“I don’t think EndSars is the problem. It’s not about EndSars, what are you talking about EndSars? If you end Sars, the police are going to shoot or someone else with a gun is still going to shoot,” he said.

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“You need to stop the shooting, it’s not about ending SARS. Like to be honest, there are actually a lot of SARS that are actually doing their work. Not all police are bad.”

“They all not bad. Some of them are actually good, you know. There are some SARS that have actually done their work. You can’t just say end SARS just because one SARS or two SARS f**ked up.”