Ladies Dress Code for First Dates

The first thing we need to understand as ladies is that more than ever, comfort is key and it is beautiful too. This is because your beauty lies in your confidence and comfort is a sure way to boost self-confidence. Therefore, ladies going on first dates should have the comfort dress code at the back of their mind. However, comfort does not mean casual. It means putting on an outfit that is beautiful, expresses your personality and still makes you phenomenal. Remember first impression is lasting impression. So you must ensure to make a lasting first impression with your appearance.

Below are ladies dress code for first dates

 Wear Colours That Blends Your Skin Tone by Pinterest
Wear Colours That Blends Your Skin Tone by Pinterest

Wear a Colour That Blends With Your Skin Tone

Wearing colours that complement your skin tone will always be the best choice as it make you look better. Hence, do not go for what you saw another person wear and it came out nice. Look at your skin tone and decide base on what you see and research, what colour best suit your skin. Then settle for that.

Wear a Dress That Is Not Too Revealing or Tight

There is nothing wrong with revealing a little skin on a first date but not something that makes you look desperate or wayward. By this, it is meant that you can wear a nice gown with a little openings or slit but not something that goes all the way up to your butt.  This often does not tell well as it may give the wrong impression of your personality. Hence, go for fashionable dresses that are not too revealing or tight. As tight dress can steal your comfort and that is the whole essence. In whatever you decide, ensure you are comfortable and it is your style.

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Wear a Simple Make-Up

A lot of ladies feel heavy make-up makes them attractive but that is not true. Yes make-ups sometimes, enhance beauty but ladies have to be moderate in the usage as a lot of men cannot stand a lady with make-up. To play safe, use a natural wear of your make-up so if he is the type that does not appreciate make-ups, he would not even notice. But when you wear one that is too much, you become uncomfortable yourself.

Go For Shoes That Makes You Balanced and Walk Comfortably

Guys just want their dates to be comfortable. They do not want a person that is not their selves or one that wears a shoe she has to struggle with. So, whatever makes you balanced, comfortable and yourself is what you should choose to wear.


As a lady, you want to make a good first impression that will ensure you keep the man. Hence, everything must be well presented. Starting from your appearance to the conversations and your personality. Therefore you must learn the trick of first date dress code to ensure you nail the date and keep the man.

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