Kogi Governor Says Covid 19 Vaccine Is A Killer

Kogi Governor Says Covid 19 Vaccine Is A Killer

Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello has stated that he will not accept the Covid-19 vaccine, describing it as a killer product designed to kill people.

The Kogi governor condemned the use of the vaccine in a viral video while addressing a crowd, saying that there is no cure for HIV and many other diseases that trouble humanity, and wondered how it was possible to produce a vaccine in less than a year.


“Vaccines are being produced in less than one year of COVID-19. There is no vaccine yet for HIV, malaria, cancer, headache and for several other diseases that are killing us. They want to use the (COVID-19) vaccines to introduce the disease that will kill you and us. God forbid,” he said.

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“We should draw our minds back to what happened in Kano during the Pfizer polio vaccines that crippled and killed our children. We have learned our lessons.

“If they say they are taking the vaccines in the public allow them take their vaccines. Don’t say I said you should not take it but if you want to take it open your eyes before you take the vaccines.” He stated.

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