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Joe Biden To Grant Citizenship To 11 Million Immigrants 1st Days In Office

US President-elect, Joe Biden is said to grant citizenship to an estimated 11 million immigrants living in the United States of America without legal status.

The President-elect will announce legislation on his first days in office to provide citizenship status for millions of immigrants in the U.S.

Biden has called Trump’s actions on immigration an “unrelenting assault” on American values during his election campaign and promised he would “undo the damage”.
The legislation states that those living in the U.S. as of January 1, 2021, without legal status would have a five-year path to temporary legal status, or a green card, if they pass background checks, pay taxes and fulfill other basic requirements and from there, a three-year path to naturalization if they decide to pursue citizenship, Time reported.
For some immigrants, the process would be quicker. So-called Dreamers, the young people who arrived in the U.S. illegally as children, as well as agricultural workers and people under temporary protective status, could qualify more immediately for green cards if they are working, are in school, or meet other requirements, the report said.
The executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, Marielena Hincapie said, “This really does represent a historic shift from Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda that recognizes that all of the undocumented immigrants that are currently in the United States should be placed on a path to citizenship.”

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