Fives Ways to Deal with Job loss

At the start of 2020 majority of the population had a plan or roadmap as to what they wanted to have achieved, come December 31st 2020, but Corona Virus threw a spanner in the works.

Many people have lost their jobs, as many companies have been forced to downsize. Nevertheless, here are a few things you need to do if you are back looking for a job:

  1. Work on Your Mind: it is said that majority of lives battles are won in the mind, you will have to pick yourself up and tell yourself that you are a winner, regardless of your current situation. Boost your self-esteem as much as you can.
  2. Work on Your CV: Yes you have heard this many times and you have probably worked on your CV a few times also, but this is not the time to get discouraged. If you can’t seem to find what should be changed, then seek professional help and make sure your CV shows off all the right qualities.
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  3. Maximise Social Media: Social media is the fastest way to get information. Jobs are announced daily on different social media platforms. Now its time to take full advantage. Showcase your skills, connect more with professionals in your field of interested. LinkedIn could be a great place to start.
  4. Self-improvement: You can never know enough, so keep polishing your skills, keep broadening your horizons. Attend seminars, webinars, take free online courses as all these would give you a competitive edge in your industry.
  5. Be Prepared for Rejection: You probably won’t get the first job you apply for, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying over and over again. Continue, be persistent and surround yourself with family and friends that support you, because rejection can affect your peace of mind.
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I hope this helps. I know looking for a job can be mentally draining, so don’t try to do it all alone. Reach out for help from family and friends (don’t always beg for money), talk about your frustrations and disappointments. Don’t keep everything bottled up.

Goodluck on your journey to finding your dream job.

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