CCTV Shows Footage of Saleh’s Murder

CCTV footage has shown the police scenes of how suspect attacked Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria’s biggest motorcycle company, Gokada, Fahim Saleh in his apartment in Manhattan, New York. The report of the death of CEO of Gokada made news, as the body of Saleh,33, was found dismembered in his apartment by his sister on […]

Africa: Home to Native Wears

Africa is known for many things, but most outstanding is its fabrics, Ankara dresses and native outfits. This native wears come in different patterns, prints and can be tailored in different styles to suit the needs of the dresser. This may have resulted in a lot of styles originating from the Africa dressing market. However, […]

Worship Experience during the Lockdown

Since the Covid-19 pandemic became full blown in Nigeria, various governments, both at national and sub national levels came up with guidelines to curb the spread of the virus. Part of the guidelines is the closing down of worship centers. This particular guideline was received with different forms of reactions from two prominent religious groups […]

The Power of Positive Mind

The human mind is so power that it can bring to reality it thoughts and meditation. Hence, it should be fed and focused on positive things. As the Mind magnets things focused on and so bring them to be. It can attract any and everything we feed it. It is therefore important that we feed […]

How to Eat Healthy

Whenever we hear the word eating healthy, a lot of people get confused. The phrase is not to confuse anyone rather to emphasise its benefits. The eating healthy implies consuming food that contains the adequate amount of nutrition needed for the body to grow. Thus, eating meals that are balanced and help boost the immune […]

How to Stay Fit During a Pandemic

A pandemic often affords individuals the luxury of time that can easily be abused by many. As a lot of people may be tempted to practice one bad habit or the other. But think it through carefully, having to lose weight can sometimes appear mentally and physically draining. Or even, trying to stop a habit […]

The Role of Finance in a Relationship

Love and money are serious subjects in their independent right. When then mixed, they can haphazardly create a recipe for disaster. However, when talking about finance and relationship, communication seems to be the strongest bond and common grounds for understanding. This is because if finances are properly communicated among partners, an agreement is likely to […]

How to Prevent Domestic Abuse

During the Covid-19 lock down a lot of families have been faced with one challenging situation or the other. This challenges have led to different forms of expressions, outburst, anger and abuse amongst family members and even among spouse.  Hence this article seek to address ways to prevent domestic abuse during and after a pandemic. […]

Rape: Impact on Victims

Rape is bad and should be stopped. Victims of this hideous crimes go through unforgettable trauma. However, the effect on individuals varies per person. As people react differently to trauma or events.  A lot take a longer period to recover. While for others, their healing may be fast. However, certain factors are common among rape […]