Approaching the Labour Market

They say job scouting is a job on its own. This is totally relatable, because approaching the labour market requires being strategic and well articulate. If not, you are aiming for frustration. Hmmm! I can’t say enough of how prepared one needs to be to approach the labour market.

Mentally, emotionally, intellectually and physically you need to be ready to approach the labour market. As this preparedness gives you strength and courage to face the challenges ahead.

However, I am not here to deepen your fears or awaken one for the labour force. Rather, I will work you through some amazing steps that are reliable in approaching the labour market.

  1. Prepare Yourself Mentally.

I like to start with what I call the most demanding yet very important. One will say, ‘can you really prepare yourself for the unknown?’ I will say ‘yes’. Mental preparation involves positive affirmatives. Telling yourself you are good regardless, but before you do so, ensure you are actually good. LOL! I got you there right? But that is the truth. You need to ensure you know the basics of your industry. Don’t join the bandwagon, know the things you need to know, then proceed to self-affirm.

The importance of mental preparation can never be over emphasized. This is because the journey to the labour market begins with the mind.

  1. Know Your Career Goals.

You need to know your career goals. As this will help you in deciding what industry to apply to and the caliber of professionals to network. In essence, career goals serve as compass.

Remember that career goals are born out of a person’s decision to trade towards a particular industry/field. Hence, they stems from passion, interest and self-discovery. Which helps individuals navigate through the industry of their choosing.

  1. Let Your Resume Speak

When drawing up a resume have at the back of your mind that this resume is you. This implies you wouldn’t be there to sell, explain or defend yourself. Hence, ensure all necessary information is written clearly, simple and straight. Also, ensure to tailor your resume to suit the role applied for.

  1. Apply online and offline
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When approaching the labour market, you need to do so digitally and off the net. As much as the world has migrated to the net, there are still companies that do certain aspect off the internet. Hence, walking into an organization to make your application still plays a role and has helped a lot of people secure their dream jobs. Some recruitment managers prefer to deal with potential employees physically.

  1. Network Regularly

Approaching the labour market, you need to interact, build and sustain relationships. Most often, people connect people to opportunities. Hence, improve your network and let your network know you are job scouting and what industry you are vying for.

  1. Continuously Improve Your Skills

You can never know it all as learning never stops. Therefore, you should improve your skills as that may set you apart from your counter parts. No skill is too minute to acquire especially when they relate to your field. Hence seize all opportunity to improve your skills.

  1. Follow up

In approaching the labour force, follow-ups are very important. Your work does not end once you apply or attend an interview. You need to follow-up. You may send a thank-you note to the recruitment manager. Follow-ups shows your interest and enthusiasm for the job.


A lot of people do not understand the importance of following these steps. The trick is, one step compliments the next. Hence, it should be considered important, just as getting the job itself. Nevertheless, all the steps are important when applying and searching for a job, so as to attain excellent results.

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